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(no subject) [Jun. 4th, 2004|04:03 pm]
Haley James
[mood |gigglygiggly]
[music |--(TAKE ME AWAY)--(FEFE DOBSON)--]

hey everyone! sorry for the no updates in awhile thing, been kinda busy preparing for everything such as finals, and telling my parents about the marriage. Hehe. I don't know how to but eventually I'm going to have to tell them hmm..

Things with Nathan are absolutley wonderful! =) *giggles* I Love him...

Luke's not around it's alright though, He's been calling and checking in once and awhile ..

Everything's pretty quiet here in Tree Hill actually ...

I've gotta go! Talk to you later!

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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2004|06:51 pm]
Haley James
hey guys! ... nothing much has been happening lately concerning me. It's really weird not having Luke around anymore .. hopefully he'll be happy where he is now, I guess. . Nathan and I are wonderful .. marriage life is the same as "couple status" just better =P lol Me and Nathan are trying to get the same hours at work so that we are able to spend more time with each other when we're not working you know? hehe.. well this was short, but bye!!

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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2004|06:15 pm]
Haley James
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |--(NiGHTSWiMMiNG)--(REM)--]

WOW..big news!! Nathan and I are MARRiED! I just love saying it. hehee. I know -- not your typical Haley Scott hehe or as most of you know .. James .. I took a risk, and let me just say that I am absolutley enjoying every single minute of it. Being with Nathan, is like being in heaven, it's a fantasy world, I've never ever felt this way about anything, I'm "crazy in love" with Nathan Scott and the best feeling in the world is knowing that he loves me back *smiles* ...ugh okay so enough of my bragging about my gorgeous husband ...

Lucas left Tree Hill .. I'm so upset that I didn't even want to see his face before he left, he's leaving me here telling me I have Nathan and I do, but Luke was my best friend and I'm gonna miss him so much .. He walked in Nathan's apartment the morning after the wedding and started saying how I always promised I'd wait til I was married to have sex, and stuff and then I showed him my ring and told him we were married and he looked shocked I don't really know what was going through his head but I sure hope he's happy ... leaving me here with no best friend ... Thanks Luke =/

Well gotta go,

Love You Nathan! *Kiss*

Love Always, Haley! xoxo.

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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2004|04:05 pm]
Haley James
[mood |energeticenergetic]
[music |--(GOD iS A DJ)--(P!NK)--]

quick update then i've gotta jet! ... work's been crazy lately, alot of customers which is great for business but kind of sucky for us seeing as Jake's left .. but it's alright I'm sure he's in a better place now where he doesn't have to worry too much about Nikki and the custody battle as he did back here in Tree Hill. I still haven't really talked to Nathan yet, but I think soon we'll talk and sort things out .. I still love him with all my heart...

as for lucas, I haven't talked to him much either, he's been I guess busy helping Keith move or something, he's acting prettyy strange lately so I don't know what's going on with him .. Well I'm off to the mall, I've got a pick up a few things for my parent's .. Talk to everyone later!

 xo. <3 Haley .xo

P.S -- Peyton I was thinking maybe you and I could do something this weekend, Catch up, eat lunch or something! get back to me

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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2004|03:10 pm]
Haley James
[mood |crushedcrushed]
[music |--(EVERYTiME)--(BRiTNEY SPEARS)--]

so i'm back online, and let me mention that i'm on my own computer free of porn of hot, fake naked men on my computer, unlike my boyfriend however who likes to look fake women porn, I don't really know what to make of the situation, I know he doesn't like care too much for waiting to have sex with me, but I want the moment to be romantic, and beautiful not fake and dangerous like those porn ho's or whatever. Now that i'm aware of Nathan's looking at porn, I feel more uncomfortable to have sex with him when i'm ready that is, thinking that he may hold my body to higher standards due to the way he's seen these girls. Also on his computer, the pictures of Peyton, what do I make of this? I don't really know where we stand right now but like I told him, all I can do is give him my heart right now, and if that's not enough for him then I can't give anything else .. gotta go! bye

xo . Haley .xo

p.s - advice needed =/
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(no subject) [May. 4th, 2004|07:22 pm]
Haley James
hey everyone! not to sound super-dorky or whatever but i had two quizzes today and ehee i aced em both =) .. Nathan's been doing pretty well in school himself, i just feel bad with all the drama he's got going on with his parents and stuff wish there was something i could do =/ ..oh darn i just realized i've gotta be at the cafe in 20 soo i've gotta jet

xo. love always, .xo
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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2004|03:22 pm]
Haley James
[mood |productiveproductive]
[music |--(100 YEARS)--(FiVE FOR FiGHTiNG)--]

do you guys like my new layout ?
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i LOVE NATHAN [Apr. 29th, 2004|11:39 pm]
Haley James
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |--( i DONT WANNA BE )--(GAViN DEGRAW)--]

today was such a wonderful day! .. Nathan and I both worked the morning shifts at our jobs so once we got out, we spent the whole rest of the day together! We went to the mall, he took me shopping and was so unbelievably sweet to me hehe. Then after we left the mall, we went back to his apartment, cuddled and watched movies ooh and kissed hehe. I love kissing Nathan, it's the greatest feeling in the world, and the fact that he told me he loves me *Smiles* he gives me butterflies. hehe. well i've got to go get some sleep, i'm exhausted -- I wonder if my gorgeous boyfriend will be visiting me tonight like he usually does .. hehe maybe! talk to all of you later!

-Love, Haley
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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2004|02:50 pm]
Haley James
[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |Fallen - Sarah Mcglaughlin]

soo.. i finally got around to getting myself one of these cool journals! *smiles* life's been great with the exception of last night! ..my party at Nathan's didn't turn out quite the way i'd expected but there's nothing I could do about it then. I felt soo bad, especially because he got arrested =( .. i love my baby so much he told me he loves me too which makes me feel much more secure with him ...

Nathan got a job at the mall, so that he could keep his finances up and not have to move back with his jerk of a father, Dan.

At the party, major catfight .. Brooke showed up with Nikki (Jake's ex & Baby's Mother, & Lucas' one night stand) and both of them got pretty drunk, next thing I know Nikki's starting with Peyton because Peyton spends more time with Jake & the baby than she does, due to the fact that she ran away after she had her. Anyways, they ended up fighting and Lucas broke it up then Nikki revealed to everyone how she was the girl from the bar. Uh-oh more drama ahead for Luke most likely ..

Well I'm off to go see my boy *smiles* Bye!!

-Luv Haley *Hugs*
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